Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heavy Heart

If I looked like I was suffering at last Sundays race, I was...in more that one way.

I will make this brief. My Sister and Brother inlaw's son, Andrew Morris, was diagnosed with terminal cancer (sarcoma) this past Friday evening. What makes this so tough is that only 3 weeks ago this wonderful little rambunctious 2.5 year old had no sypmtoms and was living a normal life. At that point he developed a bump on his head. He did bump it and it just looked like a normal "egg" bruise. It didn't go away and 2 doctors visits later, he was given a blood test (about 10 days ago) that showed very low platelets. Since then it has a blur of tests and doctors visits. Thursday I got a call right after the Buck Hill race informing me that he had cancer. Friday, they were planning Chemo, and by Friday night, it was determined that it had spread too far and there was no chance for treatment. Now he has only weeks left...Andrew was born the same week Jen and I lost Ty.

I am putting this on my blog so you can pray for Andrew, his parents Bri and Joe, and his 4 year old sister Aubrey. Please pray for minimal suffering for Andrew and strength for his family.

There is a donation account set up for those that want (please don't feel obligate, money will be used for mounting medical bills beyond what insurance covers along with funeral expenses):

Ways to Donate:

1) Cash or Checks made out to: Andrew Morris Fund (mail to: Becca Moore 626 East State Street, #1505 Milwaukee, WI 53202)

2) Donate via PayPal

3) Stop at any Associated Bank and let the teller know you would like to make a donation to the Andrew Morris Fund

If you don't see me at the races, it is because I am tending to this devastating situation.

Hug those that are close to you, especially your kids if you have them, extra tight tonite....


DMC said...

Brendan I am so sorry to hear this,, You and your family have suffered so much.. Hug and love your two tonight and be by your sisters side,, You all will be in our thought,, Stay strong,and stay together..

Pam said...

My family and I will pray for you and yours. Such a young life to loose. God must need another angel. I too pray that he will not suffer much and that his family and yours will stay strong.

Anonymous said...

I am a racer with Team LCR, I hav eheard of a place in Texas that could help and they have data that shows they can cure cancer? http://vimeo.com/24821365
Please just watch the video and maybe do some looking into it, the little boys life is worth it!! Brendon and family, you are truly great people, loved seeing you at all the races!! Peace. LCR