Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tough Days

This is going to be short and sweet...Jen and I lost our son Ty Gary Moore who was born yesterday. His heart had stopped sometime on Jan 26th and the causes are unknown at this point.
For all you bikers...just know that there is know an extra biker-angel up there watching over us now.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

-20 F Really?

That was the temp at my house this morning....Dang, that is COLD!
I know it has been a long hiatus for my blog, but I am keeping busy and having fun. I even had 2 weeks off at Christmas to play with Tegan, ride, nap, eat (a lot), and hang with Jen.
The past two weekends have seen a couple group rides come and go. Among the bonkers were Fisher, Ben, and Paul...I couldn't tell with Wenk, as he was struggling with skinny cross tires. As Paul said, "My first bonk and the year is only 5 days old!"
Needless to say winter riding has been a blast this year not only because of the pug but because of the snowy trail conditions. This past weekend Ben and I did 3 full laps on Pugs at Leb in 3 hours...that is a testament to the good conditions. Either way, I have only been on the trainer a few times which almost makes spinning inside enjoyable.
A note on the trainer: several years back I came to the conclusion that the trainer wasn't cutting it for my winter training... this based on my burning out sort of feelings and the fact that all the fast mtbk guys like Hall, Hanson, and the Swansons were outside. Looking back, I think this change made a significant difference in my early season fitness.
Today - Thursday: I probably won't ride much...with windchills of -20 and below, this is below my fun/safe factor for long outside rides.
Anyway, after this week I start my "official" training. What that means is pretty nebulous with me, as I go a lot of my past records and how I feel. Basically, I will be doing some base miles. I definitely feel more motivated than in previous years (sometimes I felt a bit frustrated about dealing with base miles in cold and snow)...blame it on the pug=)