Monday, April 28, 2008

Global Warming...I want some

Well, it looks like we MIGHT hit an average high temp (~60-65 degrees) 1 time in the next week or two. First, we need to finish out a stretch of 2 days straight of rain followed by 2 days of 20-25 degree below normal temps and a possible record low for tonite=)

Seriously though, riding on Saturday was one of the more miserable experiences on bike that I have had in a while. For the first 1.5 hours, I rode strait into the wind. Then I headed south along the ridge of the Valley down by was CRAZY! I had a 30-40 mph head/cross wind... I was leaned into the wind about 30 degrees. How do I know the wind speed? Well, on the way back with the tail wind, the wind was still going faster than me. My spin out speed on a mtbk is in the 30-33 mph range. In the end, I limped home with a cold wind-driven bonk. I feel bad because I greeted Jen with a scowl when she asked how the ride was. However, one toothy smile from Tegan later, all the pain I was in disappeared.

Ok, I am done whining. It could be worse right? Yep, I am sure up at Maplelag, Jay and the boys are wondering how they are going to ride in all that snow!

On the bright side, as of last Thursday night we live in our new house and really like it. There is so much space that I was able to claim entire room (unfinished basement area), a guest room closet, and a wall of the garage JUST for bikes and related gear. I should probably order a new one up soon (madone or super six??? that is the question), as there are a few open hooks=)

Onward and Upward.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Fishers

Yeah, I know it has been a long time since my last update, but things have been very busy in the Moore household.

First and foremost I want to congratulate Chris and Jen Fisher on tying the the knot! It was a wonderful wedding and reception and Jen and I were honored to be in the wedding party. Now Tim and Pat can't give Chris any crap at the Buck Hill races...well at least about that=)

We had a bachelor party for Chris combined w/ Wenk's birthday down in Kato last weekend. Wenk, Fisher, Danno, Pattycakes, Tom, Paul, and I headed out in 30 mph N winds and 35 degrees. It was a great ride complete w/ attacks, suffering, cursing, and bonking. We followed the ride with Mexican food, beer, corn whiskey (see below), mojitos, beer, darts, pizza, beer, sleepy (in that order).
Yep, read the label...corn whiskey in a mason jar
Tom and Dave after taking a shot of red bull and corn whiskey...disgusting!
The big news at our house is that we are moving (those that read Jen's blog know and those that don't can see pictures there). Moving is NOT fun until it is done. We have been packing with almost every spare moment.
So between moving, being in a wedding, working, and being a daddy/husband I have been training. I think I am doing ok fitness wise, but it is always tough to tell until the first race. Today I hit dirt for the first time (other than Singapore) and the new bike felt great. I had to make some minor adjustments, but I was quickly and comfortably at home on it by my second lap at Harmon....I even got to ride w/ the newlyweds on their first day as a married couple=)Racing wise, I am probably headed down to Decorah for a time trial this weekend. After that, we will see if Paul and I hit up Iola or not. I am still hoping for the local Hillside Park race that weekend to avoid driving so far. The spring cup (MNSCS #1) is the weekend following that.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Zoom Zoom

It has been a while, but I was traveling again... I was gone most of March actually. This time it was pure leisure in Marco Island FLA. Tegan, Jen and I had a great time w/ her family down there. I was happy to be away from this crappy spring we are having=)
The view from our condo:
My little buddy stretching w/ me: =)
Me and my Sweety:
Now on to the juicy stuff:
The new ride is in full effect as Vanilla Ice would say. It is a Trek Fuel 9.9 SSL.
Mostly stock except:
Bonti Carbon Riser Bar
Selle Italia SLR XC Saddle
Small Block Eights of course
and the coolest change....the Industry Nine ultralite wheelset....yeah, check out the red spokes!

I have to thank Maury, Deb, Matt, and Charly for their support and help making this dream ride a reality!
I will update on the new look hardtail soon too.
Oh, BTW, if you were wondering about the weight, it is 22.5 lbs on the nose...with pedals.
Word to your mother...