Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Du Lac Weekend

My weekend recap can be found here.  I was bummed miss the WORS race but had a blast in Duluth:
As I mention in the report, there is no more challenging, equitable, and safer way to start an XC race (profile of the Du Lac start):

Next up is a Murphy TT and maybe the Murphy Menace 50.  It is a lot of racing at the same place, but it is hard to turn down a 5 mile drive to a fun race w/ great people!  After that, the following weekend is my families favorite race weekend of the summer, Laddies Loppet up at Maplelag.  I am looking forward to some hot stage racing action with all the fast guys! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Vaca, Rhino, TT, and Border

So catching up, I was on Vaca, then doing the Rhino Rally, then a Murphy Hanrehan TT, finally the Border Crossing (MNMBS#7).
Vacation was a vacation in my eyes but it might be closer to a nightmare for some.  I started the 8 day break with a 6.5 hour epic on the Chequamegon trail network, hit up Cayuna a couple times (my family rented a big house to share up in Cross Lake for a week), a century on my mountain bike with my brothers that took just over 5 hours (ouch!), and I finished it with the 5 hour Rhino Rally Cancer Benefit race at Murphy Hanrehan.  That put me at something like 23 hours of riding in 8 days.  I was fried and in a big time hole... by accident.  There was certainly no reason to bike that much this time of year...other than I was on vacation=)
As a side note, I had ALL kinds of good reasons to be at the Rhino Rally and for those that missed it, you missed a great low key even that supports a great cause and was followed by free Surly Beer and grill goodies!  Come next year.  You won't be disappointed.

I raced the Murphy TT (back at Murphy again!) on Wednesday down a gear still but had a great time chilling w/ the Freewheel gang.  If finished in just over 40 min with some additional beginner trail having been added.  My goal will be to break 40 min this year!  BTW,the beginner trail at Murphy is ridiculous (not in a good way) and was the only downer on the night.
I tried to rest but did not have much success between commuting, kids/trampoline, lawn, etc the next few days.
I finally was able to lay low and even got a short nap on Saturday before MNMBS number 7.  I felt a little better on Sunday, but my legs still had the "I need rest" ache.  However, the Border Crossing course at River Falls is one of the best in the series.  Even lacking a little leg snap, the single track there is so ROCK'N it makes you forget you are suffering.  I gave it a go on my own from the start so I could get a clean look at the singletrack.  I never looked back....I was having too much fun!  Thanks to Nick, Bob, and the KORC gang for a great venue and race.
Border Crossing Photo from Todd Schaefer

I will continue to recover this week with only 3 races planned=)  I will be doing the Murphy TT again.  Tegan is looking to break his U6 record from last week, and I want to try to go sub 40 min.  This weekend, I am completely torn on what to do.  I really want to do the Mont Du Lac Super D + XC + camping.  That just sounds like an absolute blast.  I also want to test myself against the nations best over at the National in Wisconsin Saturday then Du Lac XC Sunday.  We will see, but I am leaning towards just Du Lac to reduce the weekend driving from 14 hours to 5 hours.  Time off and weekends are precious!!