Saturday, January 02, 2010

Casey Devin Moore

Casey is here! She is such a cute little peanut=) I think we will get to go home in a few ours, and we (she and I) are going to take the pugsley with the burley ski attachment. Just kidding, but how awesome would that be? That said, I did ride the pug to her delivery (long story, but trust me, it was the logical choice).
Now that we have 2 grandchildren who need to see Gramma and Grampa a lot, we may have find more reasons to make the trek home to Roch. Here is a good one: Alamanzo. Maybe I can get Fisher, the O's and some others to come down and play on the Rochester gravel. Can it be won on a dual suspension 26" bike? Oh, in other news, I will likely have the opportunity to race for a new team this year. More to come later on that.