Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stuff FS

Some stuff for sale:
2012 9Zero7 - 135 offset rear size Medium with SRAM XX and Snowpack fork; 27 lbs!!; tires negotiable (I have several types); MSRP ~$4800 - $2200
2011 Trek Remedy 9.7 18.5" - 1x10 w/ SRAM XX and XX brakes. Stock wheels and suspension. Barely a scratch on it; 24-26lbs depending on tires; msrp w/ Sram stuff $5000 - $2400

2011 Trek Madone 6.9 ssl 54cm - Stock, 14.5 lbs, not a scratch on it; $8700 msrp - $4200

Bontrager 26" XXX lite carbon wheels - new this year. Use almost exclusively on the road; includes tubeless strips and valves - $800

This stuff is all very well cared for and I am asking less than the going rate for the same gear in this condition on ebay.

contact me at if interested or with questions.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


You can find my race recap on

Equipment:  I am officially crazy about my new Rock Shox Monarch RT3 rear shock.  The Shimano Shadow Plus rear derr continues to impress as well.  Also, I will be trying a hardtail solution again (in addition to dually) this fall and into next year.  This looks sweet, but bigger things might be coming out in a few weeks.

Next up is vacation.  I am bummed to be missing Elk River, but this will be a much needed break after 20 races so far this year...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Run, Run, Run Away Baby

My family and I headed up to Duluth early Sunday for the MNMBS race at Lester Park.  Casey has never been a good traveler, and this trip was no exception.  Jen, Tegan and I were serenaded with crying, some screaming, and whining... until Jen put on the right hip-hop song.  I think it is called “Run Away Baby,” although that type of music is WAY out of my wheelhouse.  That said, a course like Lester is right in my wheelhouse…
The course at Lester is rocky, rooty, and punchy.  Simply put, Lester park is another classic Duluth-style trail that requires a lot more than just a motor to do well.  At the start, Jesse set a hard but not too hard pace up the couple mile gradual grassy ski trail climb (only done on the first lap). Jesse, Scotty, and I knew what was coming in the woods and everyone else in the lead group of 6 or so must have too, because as soon as  the trail hit the woods it got very punchy and it is easy to go POP …something like 5-10s full on then 5-10s handling/down for the next ½ lap.  I jumped ahead of Jesse as did Scotty KJ when we entered the singletrack.  As I mentioned, this kind of track suits me well, and I thoroughly enjoy trying to go fast when 2 wheel slides, up hill sprinting, and bike flicking are part of the game.  I never looked back and had ~3 min going into the final lap.  Disappointingly, I did suffer some slight cramping for the first time this year, but downing most of my Gu Roctane bottle fixed that in about 1 minute (that drink mix has magical powers…my brother and wife have experienced it as well on hard rides/races).   I slowed it down on the uphills the last lap and finished with that same 3 min on Jesse who picked up his pace and put a gap on Scotty KJ.  I am pretty sure my dehydration was a buildup of nearly 4 days of constantly fighting 95 degree temps with mid 70’s dew points….and not resting, as Ben was in town=)
Equipment: I am totally sold on the new XR1 up front and XR0 in the rear for racing.  I would throw the XR1 on the rear in dustier or slightly moist conditions.   I also finally got a Monarch RT3 rear shock to match my SID fork… I haven’t had it long enough to do an honest review, but initial impressions are great.
Sunday night we stayed down on Canal Park in Duluth.  We had a nice relaxing evening throwing rocks in the lake (one of our smaller household members’ favorite past times).  Monday, we hung out for a while before the limited sleep induced melt-downs started ;-)
Until next time (Buck Hill)….    

Monday, July 02, 2012

Some Equipment Notes

Without much other than Buck Hill for racing the past couple weeks (IMO the best way to stay fit or get fit are mid week races), I figured I should update on a few equipment things.
Oh, I should mention that I skipped my second planned gravel road race of the year (first being Ragnarok), Lutsen 99er.  After Red Wing I wasn't up for any more mud, and I guess I was not alone, as I don't see anyone that finished the Red Wing Elite race in the Lutsen results!

Ok, equipment:
1.  I got a hold of a new Shadow Plus Shimano Rear Derailleur.  The thing is ridiculously awesome.  Remember that debacle in Red Wing a couple weeks ago?  Yeah, I had no chain suck or shifting issues in that muck.  Besides keeping the drivetrain silent, it is a little known fact that the shadow plus eliminates chain suck!  All manf will be putting a clutch like this on the rear derr's in the near future...or they will be left behind.
2.  As things dry out (and get dusty), I am falling more in love with the Bontrager XR1 tire.  I have that on the front and a XR0 on the rear now.  I raced it at buck last week and am going to keep it that way for a while.
3.  For grips this year, I am doing 1 layer of bar tape over the ESI silicon grips.  This is holding its shape over time better than 2 layers of tape.  If you like a bigger soft grip, try this.
4.  The Rock Shox SID continues to impress me.  It is definitely the best fork I have ridden from a stiffness and adjustability perspective.  I don't have the remote version so I can simply set the platform to match my rear platform.  That way I can concentrate on pedaling during a race rather than messing around w/ lockouts.

In other news, I blew myself apart yesterday.  I like the heat, but it still takes it's toll when I can't convince myself to pedal slower....