Sunday, November 06, 2011


They are still calling for lots of flakes to fall this winter, and the boys at 9Zer07 have once again got me ready for it.

The new frame is awesome to say the least. The increased stand over is extremely useful for those times when you step off only to have your foot sink another 2 feet. Add to that a longer effective top tube (reach) and shorter head tube and I can get the fit just like my summer bikes. This is not possible with most snow bike geometries. The component selection includes the full SRAM XX (thanks to the folks at SRAM), White Bros carbon fork (co-developed w/ guys at 9Zero7), e13 crank, and the same holey wheels as last year. The bike comes in at a reasonable 27.5 lbs....think 19lb rigid hardtail + 8.5 lbs of rotating weight added in tires/wheel/tube=)
The only thing TBD on the bike at this point is the tire choice. I will be trying a couple of the new options there, but the Larry's I ran last year will be tough to beat for snowy singletrack.

Getting your hands on one of these new 9Zero7 beauties may not be easy, as they are already sold out of certain sizes/colors from the first batch. Locally, a few places have them in stock though:
Trail Cycle in Forest Lake has 6 or 8 of them that they will build any way you want.
Penn Cycle also has some and will be carrying them en mass this year.