Wednesday, December 05, 2012

25lbs and Fat

This years fatty bike is now fully assemble and Charly Tri asked me to post an update AND include weight (cause might bike is lighter), so here goes.

It started with a Large Beargrease frameset.  They have short top tubes so I had to go w/ almost no standover on the large to get a bike that fit right with respect to reach.   I don't particularly like sky blue, but luckily acetone removes the decals (and I have no obligations to Salsa).  I still have a couple left to wipe off.  I added back some color w/ reflective tape.
The components are a mix of XX and XTR.  The cockpit is pure Bontrager sweetness to match my summer ride.
The two exciting build points are the wheels and front half of the drivetrain.  The front half is loaded w/ e13:  XCX cranks with 1 32 tooth ring (these are the best and lightest out there hands down) and XCX chain keeper (I use 'em in the summer and they keep the chain on, always!).  I figure if I can't pedal through something in the 32-36, I might as well walk.   The wheels are Freewheel specials from Tyson made with the new Hope snow bike hubs, DT swiss spokes, and Large Marge Lite rims.  I didn't weigh the wheels, but they have to be some of the lightest out there.

Oh, and the weight?  25.9 lbs w/ pedals, bottle cage, and the new UL Nates tires mounted.  It should be about 25.5 lbs with an escalator in the rear.  This is at least 5 pounds lighter than Charly's bike.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

This will be fun!

If you are looking for something fun to do next Saturday, come join us!

There will be no shortage of fun stuff to try, great deals, advice on winter riding, and later on some beer and fire jumping =)