Sunday, December 29, 2013

Da'Fat Bike

I am really looking forward to pedaling hard on this beauty while making WOLF tracks through the woods!

Some highlights:
  • 9Zero7 Whiteout Frame.. all things considered, this is the best fat bike in the world.
  • Wolf Tooth Components Rings (and cogs) of various types for testing purposes (X9, e13, RF Next SL)
  • XTR Drivetrain and Brakes (yes Shimano Brakes in the cold)
  • Hed Yo Mamma Fat Bike rims

In speed mode, it is 23lbs or just a little under, with full fat traction as pictured it is 24.25 lbs.  Dang, I remember when my Pug had weighed 37lbs and we only  had Endomorph tires to ride on!

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Fat bike time!

I will have a bit up on the fat bikes I am riding this year in the coming week.

However, if you are new to fat/winter biking or just a huge fan, go check this out today at Freewheel: