Wednesday, April 20, 2011


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Monday, April 18, 2011


Sorry for the lack up updates, but life is busy and spending any time at night on the computer hasn't been a priority. Here is a quick update:
  • Tegan is convinced he needs training wheels. I am trying to convince him he doesn't, but I am letting him decide.
  • Casey got a new pink helmet and likes to ride (whatever she can swing a leg over) more than Tegan did at 14 months.
  • The weather here in MN? Well lets just say it is the worst spring I remember in a long time. Looks like another 7 days before we get close to AVERAGE temps. Oh, and more white stuff on the way. It is tough for me to take.
  • Riding is going well. I actually went cross eyed (couldn't focus my eyes I was so blown) on some rides. I mostly ride alone and can push myself better that way. Fisher, SamO, and I hit Mammoth yesterday, and it was awesome!
  • The bikes: I absolutely love the Remedy and am HOPING to get the race bike out on the trails before I have to race it (see the weather note on that one). The remedy has 2000g wheels and big fat tires, so I definitely have to smash the pedals to keep up w/ Fisher and SamO
  • Racing: my first one will probably be the Sandwich 50 endurance race. I am still debating on Decorah...trying to justify drive time vs race time on that one.
  • Top level racing: Jack is kicking butt this year...not surprising and great to see. Hopefully there aren't too many more courses that allow this (not that it affects me but it would be a bummer for the racers' sakes):