Monday, January 30, 2006

This last week I started some base training…well by base training, I just mean that I put in some extra hours at a reasonably low intensity. I still managed 3 hockey games through the week, which is plenty of intensity for this early in the season. Throw in a couple days of lifting, a jog or two, stretching, and some time on the bike (trainer and outside), and you have my off-season training program.

It was a good weekend for riding…well until 3 pm on Saturday at least. Luckily, Fisher and I left my house at about 10 am Sat. We were on our mountain bikes (is there any other way?), and we headed South around Prior Lake, down through Jordan, then over to Waconia, back to Chaska, and home. It was a good long medium paced ride and took us about 4 hours. We were going strong until Chaska when Fisher started to bonk. I gave him my emergency gu and we hammered out the last 15 miles. I guess we shouldn’t have planned for the last half of the ride to be into 15mph head wind. Oops!

The highlight of my week was going to Les Miserables at the Ordway Saturday night. My mom and dad, sister and her husband went with us…man what an amazing show! This was the second time I have seen it, and I would definitely go again…although each ticket costs about as much as a carbon fiber seatpost=)

Until next time...

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