Sunday, May 07, 2006

Elk River - Two Wins in a Row!

I was looking forward to a two hour off-road race this weekend because, until now, I have done a road racing, a TT, and a Buck Hill shorter race. Every year, there are 2 races up at Hillside park in Elk River (one in the spring and one in the fall). The course is fun and makes you work, a lot like the Platteville TT (or the Mammoth or Eastwood Park if you are familiar with those), so I couldn't resist.
I brought both the fuel and 9.9, as I couldn't decide which rocketship to ride. I pre-rode the 9.9 and it was screamin' so I decide to leave the Fuel in the quiver...until next weekend.
There were probably only ~50 people total and only 8 in the open mens field...a nice low key, grass roots affair. We took of from the start and there is a flat gravel road lead out until a sharp left onto single track...after that you never leave the single track. I lead out the group and took us into the single track. It took about 5 minutes before it was just Chris and I. From that point on I pretty much just set a pace...Chris hung on for a while, but then I started to gap him. After 1 lap, the gap grew to 1:20, then 2:00. I only know this cause Jen Meyers was doing handoffs for me and she kept both Chris and I updated - an aside, I ejected 2 water bottles, so Jen was a savior and kept the fresh bottles coming. Thanks Jen!
In the end I rolled across the line in first. Chris came in second about 5-6 minutes later...he had some cramping going on the last lap.
I felt good the whole race and was pleased with my sustained effort over the 2 hours. I can't complain about two wins in a row this early on=)
The Blast website will have the results (
Another equipment note...I tried some of the brand new Nike Pro bibs out (thanks Matt) and holy crap, they are sweet...light weight, super breathable suspenders, and a 100% improved fit from the last version. If you are in or near Rochester and are willing to shell out good money to keep your butt happy on long rides, stop by Rochester Cycling and Fitness ( to pick some of these up.
This week brings another Buck Hill race and the Cable Classic this weekend.
Have a good one!


Eric O. said...

Yo,nice job guys.Me and Sam will probably join you and Chris at Harmon this week if it works out.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the wins. Tom and I tried our best to keep on you guy's wheels, but to no avail. You and Chris are both flyin' this year!
Eric Guse