Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Rosie Mechanical

This happened in Rosies field, which is ~3 miles into the Chequamegon Fat Tire 40. I was right where I needed to be (in the front) and my legs felt good. This was my first DNF in 4 years of racing. Enough said.

Ben had his left pedal fall off, and there was a burr in the crank thread so his race ended about 33 miles early. A bad day for the Moore brothers.
On a more positive note, Chris Fisher got 14th and Jen Meyer got 8th.

We stayed sunday this year to do the Cable Crit, a short track event. The course was brutal and short...just up and down hills. I managed 2nd just behind Doug Swanson in our age group. For the overall Crit Championship, which you qualify for based on the age group times, I was lined up with Travis Brown on my right and Tristan Schouten on my left. Further down the line were Chris, Ben, Paul, Doug, Aric Harland, Cole House, Ian Stanford, etc... a very strong 20 man field. I ended up 6th in the Crit Championship.

Next Saturday is the last MNSCS and then Sunday Chris and I are off to Interbike in Vegas...sweet!

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