Monday, February 19, 2007

Base eating..a burrito the size of my baby

Saturday was the first unofficially pseudo-quasi VeloRochester training camp day.

Charly, our resident endurance specialist, brought this present for Chris cause he thinks Chris is swell.

It weighed in at under 21 lbs stock w/out pedals. That is pretty sick for a dual sus bike...heck that is pretty sick for a hardtail. Needless to say, Chris was pleased.

Well, after ogling over the bike, we went out for a sweet ride. I chose to ride my 30lb trail bike with 1000 gram Nokian studded tires. Big mistake. My teammates were all rolling their 22-23lb race hardtails. After 4 hours of pounding, my legs gave way, and my brother dropped me in the last mile of the trail!

After the ride, I had a fever, and the only cure for that fever......... was some Chipolte burrito.

Today, I was off work (paid holiday at Seagate for whatever reason). I took another long ride, but put some more reasonable tires on the Fuel ex. I still wouldn't call it a road rocket.

For dinner, I had another fever. Chris, Ben and I are always competing to see who can get the biggest burrito. Well, tonite was my best ever. For reference, the girth is measured by the gap in the foil when they wrap it (the amount of tortilla you can see). Check that gap out! They actually gave me 2 foils...a very rare occurrence!

I have a new ordering technique to achieve this girth, but I will not share my secret.

Little dude is doing great! He and I took a recovery nap together today. He is really good at those (credit for this pic goes to Jen Meyer).


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Eric O. said...

How much did that thing weigh? How bad is the labor after eating such a behemoth? I bet you can now sympothize with your wife.

Chris's bike looks sweet.I wonder if Jen had to sleep on the couch the first night he got it.