Monday, November 19, 2007


No, not the PC initiative, but my workouts this time of year.

I try to switch things up this time of year with different activities.
Here is my typical fall week:
Monday - Run at Lunch
Tuesday - Night ride at Leb
Wed - Early AM hockey and ride at lunch w/ coworkers
Thurs - 5 K Turkey Trot race at Seagate
Friday - Early AM Hockey
Sat - Wussed out on State CX but went for Run to shake the legs out
Sun - Eventually got in a good ride...see below.
The cool thing is that I was only away from Tegan for the Tues and Sunday rides. People ask how to make a family work...flexibility.
The highlights of the above activities started Tuesday night where on my 3rd and final lap, I fell off the log ride at Leb and slightly separated my shoulder. I has since healed but lesson learned not to push my luck when things start getting wet from dew/frost.
Next was the 5K. While a couple of my co-workers who are runners did 18 minute 5k's I managed 21 minutes flat. Given that I had only run 3 times in the past year, I knew I would be sore...yup, so sore that State CX on Saturday was out of the question.
Sunday, oh man, carnage.... 4 FLATS! I haven't really flatted all year other than a burp or two. I was trying to ride Mammoth and pinched my rear tire on the train tracks twice. The Stan's was dry. Then I put a tube in and pinched that on Skull loop. I walked my bike back to the car defeated.
Our plan was to head up to Bob and Julies (Jen's parents) to hang out that afternoon, so I decided I should ride there via the River Bottoms to the Sibley house, across the 35E bridge, and then all the way up Lexington to Shoreview. I ended up finding Chris, Danno, and Wenk down at the River on their group ride, so I rode w/ Chris....until a stick grabbed my valve stem and ripped it of! Fisher and I spent 15 minutes trying to extract a mangled valve stem before getting rolling again.
I finally made it to Shoreview after riding in Rain/Sleet/Snow for the last 1.5 hours. Not the most pleasant weather, but I stayed reasonably warm. In the end, I got some riding in, but I think someone up there was trying to tell me not to=)

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