Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wisconsin World Championships

My main goals in Chequamegon, given the super scary mass start and pack/road style racing, are to keep rubber side down and to be in the front group coming out of the Rosies field (for those that haven't done the race it Rosies field is where the race goes from pavement to ski trail).
On the pavement lead out, there was a large LOUD crash right behind actually hit my rear wheel. I was a couple feet from being hauled into it and when it happened, my heart almost stopped. I found out later it was two of my friends and really strong racers, Aric Harlan and Scotty KJ...I hope you guys are alright!
After that, there was a split in the field as the 4 wheeler lead-out dropped the hammer (twisted their wrist a little more=) and I was spun out in the lead group in my biggest gear...that means in the low 30mph range. We hit Rosies and I was in a long line but still in the front group. Then crap hit the fan for me....About a mile later, one of the Grandstay guys had a yard sale that saw him tossing the bike right in front of me. I hit his bike and went OTB landing on my head and neck. I got up, remounted but was still quite disoriented. The next 5 miles were all about collecting myself and making sure the damage wasn't severe. My back and right calf hurt but I definitely didn't need to stop.
The rest of the race was uneventful and I was riding at a tempo pace in the second group not under very much pressure. I was ok with this though because I has lost my impetus to go hard and was sore from the crash. I ended up just inside the top 20 and definitely didn't have the race I could have.
On a more awesome note, Jeff seems to be back in form. I raced him a couple times earlier this year and figured that he was only a couple weeks of training/rest away from being back at the top. It is too bad he couldn't hold Page off.
This morning, my neck is quite stiff, my calf has a new bulge from swelling, but my legs feel fine so I am going out on the roady for a nice fall ride...during Tegan's nap of course=)
St. Cloud next w/e will wrap up the season for me. I thought about pulling the plug, but it is such a fun course that I can't pass it up. Oh, and CX will be thrown in as time and body permit.

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