Tuesday, March 24, 2009

44 Switchbacks

I rode Haleakala yesterday, and I had to dig deep. I took a different route this time that found me on cracked pavement with grades of ~15% (not in pic..at lower elevation). Needless to say my 39-23 was used (extensively) for the first time on the Cervelo. Over 5.5 hours later, I stumbled into the condo. I couldn't move very much, but I didn't have to.
Today, I think the plan is an easy ride, some snorkelling, and some Maui Brewing Co beer.
I heard it was raining all day at home...


Eric O. said...

23 was the biggest gear you had...you are a gear masher.

Jay Richards said...

I have been doing rain dances for the summer so we have some good mud for racin' band the weight of our bikes won't matter. Need to make some adjustments looks like....Enjoy your vacation!!

Brendan said...

I wouldn't mind a muddy race or two as long as I am not on small blocks (which I won't be). I can't imagine some of the steep ups at your place in the mud though!
The bike came w/a 12-23. Yeah, I definitely would have preferred a 12-27, but I guess when you don't have a choice you mash=)