Wednesday, September 23, 2009

29er or 26er

The data is compelling, but maybe equally effective in changing things are scare tactics.


Andy said...

At I will let you use my 29er. I will be there taking photos and I will give you the 29er riding 101 class free of charge. If you win on a bike you never been on before its a good thing and you should go 29er,if you lose..... well then try a new trek top fuel 26 fully for next year. The 29er has Sram shifting and the new trek is going to have that for next year so you must learn the way of sram, so win win for you unless you lose!

Charly Tri said...

The dark side is calling.

4luvandlife said...

thanks for posting the article. that is interesting. but i agree with a couple of the comments after the writing. 50' of climbing and no pedaling out of the corners seems like setting up the 29er for a win. btw, congrats on great season.