Tuesday, February 02, 2010

14 mile skinny

Winter blogging laziness is in full effect.

Update: I've been daddying, riding, playing hockey, and recovering/relaxing when I can. The focus lately has been on teaching Tegan how to skate=)

I did spend the last couple Sundays racing up at Elk River. The first weekend was spent on the 4" fatties pedaling through mashed potatoes. It was definitely the toughest conditions I have pugged in, and maybe ever ridden in period, given the collective set of skills required to keep the bike moving. Rich (Ohmdahl the race director) always has a smile on his face, but that day a massive bonk proved to be and effective smile-eraser...that is, until he got his post race Red Bull and hotdog down=).
The second weekend race was 2 laps on a regular bike. The conditions were just about as good as snow singletrack can get. After a scrum of a start and some recovery redlining, I had a blast riding what equated to a 18-inch wide 14-mile long twisty turny up and down skinny.

Next: Pugfest....

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