Monday, April 26, 2010

Racing is hard

This pic was taken as I was telling Jay that every off-season I forget how hard mountain bike racing is. I remembered quickly this weekend at Maplelag.

It rained a good amount the night before the race making the already difficult Maplelag course slippery, peanut buttery, and muddy. However, riding slippery rooty rocky courses is one area I don't get a lot of and need more "practice", and this was a great opportunity for just that! There were no easy pedal strokes out there, but I managed to hold off the O-bros.

Great pic taken by Jay of SamO rocking it up the steep lakeside drop.

As always, my family and I are very thankful for the good times and hospitality up at Maplelag.
Next up will be the Elk River Spring race. As it has been noted on the Sandwich 50 blog I wussed out on that race ;)


samo said...

You showed all of us how to ride in the mud!..great job Brendan!

Fish said...

Hey Brendan, Its Fish.

You should email me, I have a question on your bikes.

Jay Richards said...

Good having you and your family Brendan...although Jon missed seeing Tegan. Very nicely done riding the conditions and terrain, had a hard time catching photos of you since you were ripping around so fast!