Sunday, July 11, 2010

Different Purpose

This weekend, rather than riding around in circles with a number attached to my bike I pulled 100+ pounds of boy and gear to a local campground about 12 miles away.This is my new all weather all conditions commuter that Trek hooked me up with. It is a Trek 6000 ht mountain bike w/ a rigid fork, full fenders, and a rack. I still am yet to drive to Seagate since starting work there a couple weeks ago=)

Needless to say, we had a ball camping. My cousin Jeff, Dad, friend Ted, and his boy Brody met us there (they all drove), which made things easier on Tegan and I. We couldn't have fit any more in anyway!
Tegan slept on both the out and back trip....I did not have that luxury. Tegan and Uncle Jeff (technically not an uncle but has earned the title)
Sunday was a chill day with the family. I was wearing my faux white t-shirt.

This week brings another Buck Hill and MMBS#6. I am not doing the National Championships out in Colorado. The recent job change has left me vacationless, and I know based on previous Col vacations that I would need at least a week of time out there to acclimate if I wanted to compete at a reasonable level. As a side note, in the spirit of competition, I am not sure that starting nationals at 7K+ feet sets a level playing field for all the nations riders...


Jack Hinkens said...

Yo Brendan,

Loving the commuter bike. You should post a pic of your cable routing on the top fuel for everyone to see.

Base of Granby Sol Vista at Nats is right around 9,000 ft. I agree that is not fair.

I am told it takes three weeks for your blood to recycle so one week would not really be sufficient either.


Simon Davis said...

Brendan, you still around on this blog ? your picture of your bike with rigid forks and trailer came up on google images. This is exactly what I'm setting up on my old xc bike. I've got the same trailer and have just ordered a cro mo rigid fork for my bike and renewed all the cabling. Quick question, how did you find the rigid fork? Did your front rim and hubs hold up when off road? Also what tyres did you go for ? Slicks or xc? Wide or thin? Great blog post even if it's three years old!


Simon (UK)