Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coming down to the wire....

So, it looks like we will be riding in at least some mud this Saturday up at it goes this year, and it will still be a blast.

One thing I did notice and the reason for the post is that second place in the series comes down to this race between Cody and Samo (note that the scoring on the MNMTB website is currently screwed up and not throwing out the lowest races). That should be an exciting race for all to watch! Hopefully I can have a front row seat=)

Who do you think it will be??? It might depend on if Cody does the SS race in the morning, as both are very skilled riders in the twisty stuff.


Charly Tri said...

I say you sit behind both of them and trash talk; "You guys are racing for second overall? You should have just dominated all the early races to take first! It sure takes the stress off my race. Seriously, you guys should try that next year!".

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Man tough call here...both so impressive! Fun to watch and I will make sure to get out the way as usual. However....I might be leaning a bit towards Sam in the mud. It will close. Good luck to all of you guys