Monday, October 25, 2010

Flying Fall

Fall has been busy! Since my last race, we have not had one open weekend...the weekends have gone something like this: marathon (Jen), camping, Trek demos, visit Rochester.
I still have been riding a lot, more than during the season in fact because I love to ride. I have kept up on some intensity with our work group rides here at work (I have been relegated to my mountain bike while trying to keep up... or attacking depending your perspective ;-) , hockey, and my innate ability to punish myself on a bike even when I don't have too.

'Cross: Although it may seem this way, I haven't been purposely avoiding cyclocross. Life has been busy, and with 2 kids if you something isn't a priority, it is very unlikely to fit in. All summer, mtbk racing IS a priority, but come fall right, wrong, or otherwise, cyclocross just hasn't been.
And to keep the excuses rolling, I currently have a cracked/bruised rib from hockey that make any pulling on the handlebars painful. Stack on recent head cold and throw in some knee tendentious, and I feel like my body is rioting a little bit right now. Rest would help, but that would mean not riding or playing hockey. And as my wife would very emphatically tell you, the chances of taking a break from either of those two is probably as remote as seeing me at a 'cross race.

I have a mtbk event this weekend and will do a season wrap post after that.

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samo said...

your not alone in the head cold & knee club.I only managed 1 cross race so far..& guess we should take this as our sign for that dreaded word... "rest"..hope to see you out there for at least one cross race..speaking of which have you been following Cody..he's been killing it!...he could very well win CRY for 1/2's..if everything works out I hope he get's the state's so funny seeing this huge hairy legged(MTBer)guy mixing it up..hope to see you soon!