Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Mr. Landis, All is not broken.

I read this this morning from an outspoken cheat:
I don’t want it to come across that I’m quitting because I’m bitter,” Landis said. “I’m relatively sure this sport cannot be fixed, but that’s not my job, that’s not my fight.

It is comments like this that have taken away any respect I have for Floyd. I would invite him to come to a MNSCS or WORS race and see how NOT broke the sport is (I can't comment on road or CX because I don't frequent those, but there have been cheats recently there at a local level...very weak and sad). Maybe Floyd has forgotten about all the people that compete in this SPORT simply for the love of the sport.

Back in the day, from what I have heard (second hand), read, and understand, the pro peleton in the US and abroad full of cheating. I would like to think it has gotten better, but without evidence of this, I can't say. I would also like to think that the top mountain bike racers of the world are clean today (just like the roadies, they certainly weren't 10 years ago), and I for one think guys like Julien Absolon are clean.

Either way, at a grass roots local level I believe the SPORT we love is not broken and for the most part never has been.


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