Thursday, June 14, 2012


I HATE it when people cheat!!!

Unfortunately at the last MNMBS in Mankato a local rider in the elite class got caught receiving outside assistance AND cutting the course.  I am actually ok w/ minimal outside or other rider assistance like air or a tube even though it is technically not allowed.  However,  intentionally cutting the course is NOT ok under any circumstances.

Summary: After getting outside assistance to fix your broken chain, you rejoined the race, cut the course (multiple times probably given your placing), got caught doing it by one of my friends/racers, told that friend of mine were dropping out, then proceeded to finish.  We know who you are, we know you cheated, and you should not come back to any MNMBS events until next year.  If we (myself or any of the others 5-10 people that saw and know you cheated) see you at any future events, USA cycling, the MNMBS, and better yet the socal media mountain biking community will know your name...


DMC said...

How did I miss this,, must have been crossed eyed chasing you,, see you this weekend.

rideonpurpose said...