Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Component upgrade considerations...

After a long season, I am going to be posting a few of my equipment findings.  Call them long term reviews after a thorough beat down of over 30 races.
One of my favorite bike component additions this year has been the E13 XCX chainguide.  Ask yourself, "Self, when was the last time I shifted my front derrailleur here in the Midwest?"  My answer to this question would be over a year ago!  I have ridden the MRP chain keeper and still had trouble with it bending and not keeping my chain on.  However, this is not the case w/ the E13.  It is SO solid and easy to adjust...I set it up at the beginning of the year and haven't touched it since.  I also haven't dropped a chain all year even on the roughest of decents including the DH race at Mont Du Lac!  Anyway, I will be putting one of these on my snow bike (the direct mount one is awesome too), and all my bikes next year.
So, do yourself a favor and drop 1/2 lb of your bike the cheap way.  Take that front shifter, front derr, and those extra chainrings off.  Put one of these babies on!

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jacobmontereal said...

These posts are so fun to read! I know you had an awesome time!

Jacob of biking Philippines