Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Self Tapping

In a moment of weakness, well 12,000 of them if a moment is a second, I broke down and shot some self tapping sheet metal screws into tires to do this:

Thanks to Freewheel and Hollywood for introducing me to the most novel form of racing I have done in years...maybe ever.

I am not sure about this coming weekend.  There are a couple options that will be tempting if there is snow.  I hear that there is another ice race coming soon.  I do plan to finally make it up to Elk River for that final race in a couple of weeks. 

My own Proto (better than yours):
Something special was birthed at the Pidde household.  Jen mentioned that she wanted a new carbon fiber family member in our household...or at least that is my interpretation of what she said:

When we no longer need studs or fat tires:
Along the lines of adding carbon family members, This and This should be coming soon, but I have learned that soon is a loosely used term in the bike industry.  Needless to say, Jen is excited about these two additions as well.

Finally, a request for Mama Nature:
If I am going to be continue to face -40 windchills commuting in, at least give me some snow to ride on.

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