Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SOOOO Over it

This weather has really started to wear on me (just ask Jen) and I am so over ice, snow, and cold.  Luckily, I am headed somewhere much nicer soon.
In tow will be my new Rumblefish Elite with another proto drive train=)  I am testing one of the first 30 tooth Wolf Tooth Drop Stop 104 BCD rings (for those that don't know with a 104 BCD the smallest ring is 32 teeth using traditional designs).  The 30 tooth will be perfect for 1x snow biking and it allowed me to run the same gearing range I had on my Remedy out in Moab on my last trip. 

There is lots of other equipment and gear that I will be posting on once I actually get to use the stuff (see my first comments on the weather).  One non-bike thing I am most excited to try is my new car rack.  I went with a Kuat NV rack for my new ride.  As an engineer, I really appreciate the thought put into to the design, and my favorite part is the bike stand extension!

My next update will probably be from the other side of the Rockies....

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