Monday, July 23, 2007


Our Team is ready to go for the Stars and Bars...

Ben Moore

Brendan Moore

Chris Fisher

Ben Portilla

Wish us luck. I am sure the Wisco boys will have a team there for some good competition.


samo said...

good luck to you guys if I don't see or talk to you this week.Not going to make it to Thurs. night Buck, really wish I could, but have to to be at the airport early to check in.Sure you know how it is.I'm still available for Afton 24 if anything should happen.Next year for sure.

Jo Mama said...

Hell yeah!! Do you guys plan on lapping the field 7 times like Afton last year?

Brendan said...

Jo mama,
I hear that Brian Matter, Doug, Jesse, and someone else are forming a team. Should be some good friendly comp...luckily, everyone on our team is really strong right now...SWEET!

Have FUN over there. Stay hydrated as best you can on the can carry an empty water bottle through security and then fill it in the terminal.
If Eric has internet access, be sure he blogs!