Friday, July 20, 2007


Last night was a perfect night for a mountain bike race...80 degrees, low humidity, a nice breeze.

With no Paul there (he is out at nationals) Fisher and Sam decided that I had to lead it out. I would rather follow, but duty called...

I rode reasonably hard on the hills and just let things flow in the singletrack. After the backside singletrack on the first lap, I basically rode solo the entire way for the win. My only contact with Chris and Sam was when in twisty the singletrack sections I would hear them yelling "NINJA." Apparently they saw Paul's little blog quip about me being a "Singletrack Ninja."

Afterwards, I got a fair amount of grief during awards....I may show up in all black next week.


samo said...

Good job "ninja"!I think I only seen you twice the whole race.You were killing that singletrack with "ninja" like's all that mammoth riding.Went there last weekend & did a couple laps.You think your good at riding singletrack until you ride there.Definitely hones the skills riding out there.

Jenn said...

Maybe you were taking in a little menergy via RAWBERRY. Instead of running like kenyans you must ride like ninjas! HA! Jeff M., if you read this I expect you to be bobbing for mallows in RAWBERRY this weekend!!!