Sunday, August 26, 2007

24 Hours of Climbing

I slept hard last night, and I haven't done much today....reports on Ben and Chris are similar. I haven't heard, but I am guessing that Paul isn't bouncing of the walls either.
This report won't be lengthy. We rode 38 laps out at Afton over 24 hours (5PM Friday - 5PM Sat) with no major problems. Then next team was 2.5-3 hours down so the race was not too stressful. Lap times were 35-40 minutes depending on the amount of light. Chris and Paul put up 33:58 and 34:20 laps respectivly around noon on Saturday! They must have found some fresh chamois=) Ben was consitently fast even though he was in a "base" phase for the Collegiate season...Go UW!
Probably the most amazing thing that happened at the race is that Rich "Richzilla" Omdahl sucked down 30 White Castle sliders between laps...who knew sliders were a substitute for Gu?

Paul brought the RV...making this the most comfortable setup yet

Walking to the starting line
Ben working itTegan and Cousin Jeff hangin'Grandpa and Tegan Fisher getting ready for another longer a 24 hour virgin


samo said...

good job you guys!are you going to do the TT &/or STXC o Sat.?

Brendan said...

Heck yeah! The stage race is sweet! I assume you guys are going to do them as well?
Fisher says that he likes those better than the xc=)