Sunday, September 23, 2007

The series....

Well, it is done, my season that is. It ended up being a tough race up in St. Cloud and a sprint finish between Sam and I for the series and 2nd place (Jeff won). I don't have a lot of time to blog about the race, as I am headed to interbike tonite and want to maximize time with the family.
By my calculations, Sam and I have the same number of series points, 1006 to 1006...crazy! The winner is then decided by head to head match ups. I beat Sam 6 out the 9 head-to-head races (we both missed Red Wing), so that makes me the State Champ.
In other awesome news, Jen Meyer wrapped up the State Championship again as well!
Overall it was a great day for Velo Rochester and our sister team WOW (Women on Wheels),as we repeated with both the Women's and Men's State Mountain Bike Championships!

Next blog will be a recap of Interbike! It is going to be a wild party with Portilla, Paul, and Jo Mama.


Horner Family said...


Great job on your series win.

It was awesome watching from the sidelines, although I was very dissapointed I couln't race.

I look forward to the awards party and next year.

samo said...

Well deserved win & M.N.S.C.S. title Brendan!Bravo!
We had some fun times battling it out this past season.Already can't wait to hopfully do the same next year.Maybe see some young guns on our tails too.See you at the get-to-gethers coming up.
Be Blessed!

Kyia said...

Hey Brendan! Great racing this season!! Thanks for making it up to "The Cloud" this weekend. Stop by booth #162 at Interbike. I'm there Thursday and Friday.