Monday, October 01, 2007

So season right?

While my posts are not as latent as Paul's they are lacking since St. Cloud. A lot has happened! I went to interbike and had a great time. Then I was back for 1.5 days before I headed out to Janesville Wisco for my Neice's baptism.
So sweet.... I attended with my teammate Charly, Jo Mama, Tri. He is a riot and can sure ride those clown bikes (29ers). We rode 4 hours each day at the outdoor demo on everything from the newest Trek Fuel Ex to a $10K Cervelo. Because Fisher and I had been there before, I knew the trails and we ventured off on the "not-supposed-to-ride" cool trails. 4 flats later, we were ready for the show. We only had one day at the show which was barely enough.
I spent the show talking to prospective sponsors. I talked to a pretty sweet potential wheel sponsor, which I hope works out, and Charly talked to a few other companies for our team. I am not going to list any names until I/we have a chance to talk to these companies post-Ibike.
Stay tuned, but I could be riding an even lighter and faster bike next year....I will need it to keep up with all you fliers.
This last weekend down in Janesville, I hoped to catch up w/ Ben for a ride. Instead, he hammered and I got dropped. We showed up at Kettle Moraine to find a "timed ride" going on. It was some fall festival that they don't call a race for insurance reasons. Anyway, we were too late to race, but we did poach the unused trails over at Emma Carlin. They have some wicked fun single track there. It would be a great place for a 24 hour race. Ben said after, "I felt like hammering." To which, I replied, "I got sick of being anaerobic after about 2 hours."
Dt Swiss's $3300 mountain bike wheelset...come ON!

Calfee's Bamboo Bike

Cannondale/SRAM's Creation?
Grandma with Aubrey and Tegan
My sister Bri, Aubrey, and Tegan Playing in the Baptismal water
Uncle Ben explaining how to drop Brendan on a mountain bike ride

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