Sunday, October 21, 2007

CX'n it

This weekend with a little coaxing, a little harassment, and some personal curiosity, I ventured into the world of Cyclocross.
Fisher and I headed over to Hutchinson MN for the Twineball race. The course had 1 big climb in it, with the rest of the course rolling doubletrack.
I went in with not much fitness (no hard riding since St. Cloud about a month ago) and no expectations. It is kinda fun to do a race with that attitude. I did 2 warm up laps and hopped barriers for the first time. I am by no means fluid or efficient, but I managed to get by.
I registered for the A1 race because my USA license says I am a Cat 2 CX...who knows how I got to that level. I think it was automatic with my Pro mtbk upgrade. At the start of the race, I just took it easier and sat middle of the pack. I didn't want to get in anyones' way at the first barrier. From then on, I just rode a hard tempo pace. When I started to really suffer, rather than keep cranking like I do all season, I would just ease up. That is a really good feeling=) It was kinda like a Buck Hill race but less painful. Anyway, I worked my way up the whole race and never got lapped. My final placing was 6th overall ( has results). In the end, I achieved my goal of having fun.
Saturday night was the MNSCS awards ceremony. It was great to see everyone. A good time was had by all and the trophy's this year were really nice.
Sunday I woke up planning to do another race, but I have a cold coming on and felt very achy. I opted out of the Mill City race, and instead, I biked there (easy, well, easier pace anyway) so I could watch the race with Tegan and Jen. We followed that with 9 person group meal at the Edina Grill...oh man, those sweet potato fries are to die for!
Next weekend, we have a baptism in Chicago, but the following weekend I may try my luck again at CX. My goal will be the same, but I might try to hang at the front a bit more=)

P.S. Tegan learned to make pig noises.


joel said...

Where in Chicago? Bring your bike, there is a CX race on Sunday.


Brendan said...

Thanks for the invite, but the Baptism and festivities will conflict with the race.
It looks like a fun race and series!
For the record, I will have my bike but it will be so I can hit Area 25.5 in Madison tomorrow morning=) I hope the WORBA guys are cool with me hitting their trail.