Sunday, December 16, 2007

Better late than never

I have been meaning to do a season closing blog is almost too late now, as I haven't raced in about a month. However, it is cold and I have some spare time to write this evening.

Here are some of the season Highlights (and low-lights):
I ended up racing 32 times on my mountain bike...1 of which was a road race and 2 of which were CX races. I won 16 of the 32 events....hitting .500 I guess.

Races I felt best at: Afton and Maplelag UCI
Races I felt worst at: Welch and Chequamegon
Races I had the most fun at: 24 Hours of Afton and Maplelag MNSCS
Most proud moment: When I beat Fisher in a beer chugging contest to win the first Buck Hill Series
Goals not met: National 24 hour Team Championship
Goals met: Turned pro and repeated as State Champion.

I have to say a special thanks to my Wife and my Dad for all their support at the races. With out my dad doing hand-offs, many of us wouldn't have finished the races. With out my wife's support, patients and willingness to let me train, I would need my granny gear.

There will be less frequent updating during the winter, but I will definitely keep y'all up dated on my training and equipment for next year. For now, I will leave it that I will have and even lighter bike coming thanks to Trek....dual suspension that could tickle 22lbs.

If I don't write again, I want to wish EVERYONE a Merry Christmas. I hope you can be with the ones you love!

Now, back to my couch potatoing.


Dana said...

Hey Brendan- I was wondering if you would be cool with me using a photo of you for possible publishing? I also have one of your brother I would like to submit, how do you think he would feel about it?



Brendan said...

I am fine with you using my photo...thanks again for taking them this season! I am sure my bro won't care either. Can you send me the photos so I can see them?
Thanks and have a very Merry Christmas!

joel said...

Hey Brendan....looks like we are going to be neighbors (kind of). Just got a house in savage, near murphy!

Brendan said...

Nice on the house...that is a nice neighborhood by Murphy.
We are looking to move to a house in the area as well (and have looked in your neighborhood). I want to stay here though because I am close < 1/2 hour from Murphy, Mammoth, River, Leb, and great roads...oh and my wife and I work in SHK=)