Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some Highlights

Here is our Christmas Card. If you didn't get one, it is because we didn't have your address!

I have been doing some cold weather riding (a chincicle on my balaclava)

Tegan had a lucrative Christmas

Our townhome is now on the market...looking to buy a house.MLS # is 3476087


Eric O. said...

Good decision on the home thing. But now you need to do all the yard work and maintainance. What are are you looking to move to? My guess is your looking at the distance to work and stick close to all the mtb trails. Happy New year to y'all.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the link isn't working, but the MLS is 3476087 and you can just enter it on the righthand side at :)

Brendan said...

We are looking in this area to be close to work/daycare...we have looked at some by Murphy, some by Leb, some by Mammoth, and some very close to where we are now. Any time I tell Jen that I like a house in Chaska, she says "Thats because it is close to Mammoth." That is only half true=)