Friday, June 27, 2008

The Good and The Bad

Good - I won Buck last night without wearing myself too thin for Kato. I tried some new tires and liked them. I need more evaluation time before committing to a complete switch.

Bad - Paul Hanson crash hard on the first lap and was in a world of hurt (I found out after the race). I don't know what the latest is this morning, but I hope he is back soon....we need someone to kill us up the first hill every race=)


Jay Richards said...

Schwalbe? Hope Paul is okay. Keep us posted.

Brendan said...

Yeah Racing Ralphs...
Paul has a torn Rotator Cuff. Doc said anywhere from a couple weeks to a month for healing. I am guessing he will be able to hit the road after a week or so(base on personal shoulder injury experience).