Monday, June 23, 2008

Mont Du Sludge

I love the Mont Du Lac course...when it is dry=) We got poured on several times yesterday and it made for tough conditions and a seriously muddy bike. THat is mountain biking though.
I didn't have the mental edge yesterday and it showed. I was riding quite comfortably until it got greasy. Rather than stay cool and ride smooth, I got frustrated and started crashing. Anyway, SamO, Jay and Ben were all riding great and SamO did it on the same tires I had (SMB8's).
The highlight for me yesterday was getting up from a crash on one of the steep whoops that I wasn't sure my bike or I would make it through (although my seat shifted and I had to uncomfortably w/ my saddle pointed up - right into my seeds - for the rest of the race)!

Kato and Buck this week...

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