Monday, April 20, 2009

TT Time

Jen, Tegan and I cruised down to Madison for the weekend, and I hopped on over to Platteville Saturday for a TT run by the UW Platteville cycling club. I have done this in the past as my season opener and it is a great course...much like the Mammoth trail or like Maplelag. There is some flow to the course, but it also has a fair number of switchbacks and fairly technical descending to keep riders on their toes.
All in all, I felt ok and came away with the win. I went pretty hard the first lap and a little less hard on the second, but didn't have that extra gear yet and no one was really pushing me. I am kind of "trying" to take the preparation a little slower this year. However, warm weather always makes me want to hammer...

It looks like a good group of Midwesterners found some time off to head down to the Sea Otter. Nice work to all of you. Geez, Sauser made easy work of the mens field...4 min+ victory!?!? Those top several World Cup guys are just amazing!

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