Monday, June 01, 2009

Super Bad

If any race in the midwest were worthy of a McLovin' related title it would be the second MNSCS stop, the Afton Avalanche. Jeez, the thing has more climbing than any race in the midwest and boasts a climb that for the first time this year forced me not only out of my big ring, but into my granny on the 2x9. The technical nature of the trail's descending (and some of the climbing) makes it worth every cramp and lactic acid spike.
I still ended up being sick for the race. It wasn't as bad as at Buck Hill on Thursday, but I couldn't take in deep breaths and my nose was like faucet. I think this showed a little in my lackluster first lap where I didn't necessarly attack, but I did try to push it. Yes, I left it in the big ring on Shady Lane=) Jack Hinkens, who continues to impress me, and Jesse, who has always been a great cyclist, followed close behind for two laps when I started to get an "out of sight" gap. After lap 3, I was getting the cramping pings. I didn't hydrate well the first lap, but other than that I think it is mostly due to my race-into-fitness plan. I really haven't hammered/raced for over 1.5 hours this year. Either way, I spun lap 4 with reasonable speed and closed out the win in MNSCS #2. The only thing I would change about the day is the fact that, unbeknounced to me, I lost 15 seconds per lap to Jesse and Jack by taking the long way around one of the two spots where the trail offered a technical section split/ride-around. I am not one to shy away from fun technical features, but all the sign said was "trail splits" not "technical short cut". I went straight each lap with no one to show me otherwise; I should have gone left.
In the end, I think this picture from (pic above from there too) of a Freewheel rider sums up afton:

Next up will be Buck Thurs and no racing this weekend as I am heading to Janesville Wisco=)

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Rhody said...

Big ringin' up Shady Lane? That's just craziness. How is that even possible? Nice win.