Friday, May 29, 2009


Tegan broke into the bike racing scene last night at Buck Hill. His 1 minute 35 second race was very grueling, but in a post race interview he said that the large Air Head taffy payout made it well worth the effort.
Tegan also said that he has at least 6 more races on the schedule this year. Most will be around 100 yards long and in preparation he plans to do some hard training intervals playing choo-choos and going down slides.
Sorry no pics for the debut.

I too raced last night with a chest cold still dragging me down. After a couple race pace laps, I turned it down a bit on the last two laps but was still able to hang on for the win. I hope this darn cough is gone by Afton on Sunday. That is the last thing I need if it is indeed the full 24 hours of Afton course 4 times ...

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