Friday, May 15, 2009

$1 Hill

Buck hill started last night with a bang. The turnout was ~150 and people were ready to rock the hill again!
After a pedal slip at the start I gained control and raced up the hill. With no north woods (that flowy singletrack will be greatly least by me), it is now pretty much a continuous climb from the lowest to the highest point out there.
Jack Hinkins, a new young high school stud, chased me around the first lap in impressive form. After I punched it on the second pavement climb, he dropped out of sight. From, there it was autopilot race mode.
The only problem I had was that my seat position was to high and too far back. I almost pulled a hamstring on the first climb. I did the subsequent climbs on the nose of the saddle and felt much better.
The bike rocked and so did the new wheels. I will give a proper equipment "review" after a few more races.
See you all Sunday!

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