Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memooreial Fest

Almost my entire family was able to make it back for memorial day with the only exception being my brother-in-law Joe who was stuck managing his Famous Dave's in Janesville WI.
That amounts to 12 of us inundating my parents home in Rochester and makes for a grand ole time.
After running, screaming, biking, and gardening the weekend away, I think Tegan was left with no gas in the tank because he slept 11 hours last night=)
I too came out of the weekend somewhat damaged with a cold. I hope it subsides in time for Afton!
I did get out on a couple rides - one with each brother. My younger brother Brad and I went out for what we intended to be an hour and a half stroll. However, I wanted him to "experience" the Oxenburg climb (25% grade) so it ended up just shy of 3 hours... a little long for a guy who just got his first road bike a month ago=) Either way his bonk was awesome and catastrophic.
And who can forget Ben? Who needs a race when you have Ben? We went out and suffered together on Sunday for just about the equivalent of a xc race. My intention was NOT to hammer (cold was coming on), I promise, but when I was forced into my biggest gear going UP the first hill, I knew that an easy ride was not what Ben had in mind. For those that have ridden with us (mostly Fisher), you have experienced this display brotherly love=)

For now, I will work on getting better and keeping my lawn from dying.

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