Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Ivan Drago

I often get asked 1) how I train or 2) how someone else should train. I can answer the first question, but I am certainly not qualified to answer the second (there are plenty of good coaches who can).

If you are familiar w/ Rocky 4 (one of the best movies ever BTW) then you know how great the contrast is between how Rocky and Ivan Drago trained for the fight.

So, where am I going with this? Well, I am going to answer the first question.

Technology and time: I train with very little technology and a pretty flexible plan. I simply don't have the time (if I want to be successful at my most important job of being a daddy and husband) to be gone a whole day training or even travel south to train or race like some of my competition. I have a heart rate monitor but haven't worn it in 3 years, have never worn it outside, and only ever used it on the trainer a few times. I don't have a power meter or even a computer on any of my bikes.

My science: What I do do is keep track of my activities in a little notebook. I write down the duration of each ride and rate each ride on a perceived exertion scale. I may also include a note or two about how I felt during and even after the ride. This allows me to look back and see what does and does not work for ME.

The off season: In the off season and even through the spring, I play a lot of hockey, run/showshoe a little, and joy ride. When the snow flies, I ride a bike with 7 extra pound of wheel weight...no power meter necessary.

Leading up to the season: The only structure I have all year is around rest periods from Feb until racing starts. I do this to assure that I stay fresh and get stronger. I typically do a weekend +2 weeks "on" (ride more and ride harder) and then take the 5 following week days off. Weekends are precious and this maximizes riding while minimizing the impact to my family and job. BTW, I am in this phase now.

The season: In the race season, I race a lot and recover. Period. Recovery is sometimes spent at the playground, most of the time commuting, and when I am lucky on the trail with friends.

What got me thinking about doing a post on how I train was a great blog entry linked below that the fastest current North American endurance racer, Jeff Schalk, who happens to ride on the Trek Coop team too. I love Eddy Merckx's quote=)http://trekmountain.typepad.com/king/trek-racing-co-op/

Summary: I choose Rocky's method. Now, if I could only be as tough as him.
Coming soon will be quiver details....hint: 6" of travel and 25 lbs.


Anonymous said...

My model is very similar (substitute dead weight for hockey), but results are much different. Got to be genetics then... Or you grew up with better water down in southern MN then southern dakota county...


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