Sunday, March 20, 2011


Here are some updates on my bike stable for the year:
Top Fuel 9.9ssl - mostly stock with a 1x10 conversion using an MRP chain keeper. 20.5 to 21 pounds depending on exact setup. I will either be running XR0 front and rear or XR1 front XR0 rear for dry conditions, XR3s for semi-adverse conditions, and mud x's in the nasty stuff.
Remedy 9.7 - partly stock. I put an XX groupo and some Bonti carbon goodies I had on it. I am running 1 x 10 with a direct mount MRP chain keeper. I plan to run only XR3's or XR2's on this bike. It will probably be my ride in muddy races too (with mud x's). Why? Well, because it is only 24.8 pounds and it is quite capable of racing. Yes 6" of front and rear travel < 25 pounds. I can see why this bike has been called the quiver killer!
In other news, I am heading out to Longmont, CO for work next week. I have 3 packed days of work planned at our design center out there but won't miss an opportunity to test the Remedy. My brother Ben, who is about the only one who can make me feel like I have to vomit during a training ride, lives in Boulder so I will be staying with him. After the work is done, we plan to head west for a long weekend in Fruita and Moab.


Dad said...

Nice hardware! Good luck with the altitude! From what I saw last week, Ben is in pretty good climbing shape.

Tyson said...

Front end looks much cleaner on the Top Fuel now. Just need to loose that rear lockout.