Monday, May 23, 2011

Few Words...

Pictures best describe MNMBS#1. Thanks to all the volunteers that had the attitude, "the show must go on!" Without you guys and girls there wouldn't be a race series.

The top derr pulley seized though, although I didn't know it until I was cleaning my bike after. I am guessing it happend in lap 3 because that is when my shifting went bonkers. I kept pedaling, it is not like I had a choice, and the chain wore the pulley to the metal. I wonder how many watts I wasted grinding this sucker?

Summary: I raced hard the whole time because you never know what is going to happen (mechanical failure, crash, etc) in conditions like this. With fitness coming along and me finally starting to figure out this mud thing, I was able to gain a nearly 9 min margin for the win. The only equipment note I will make is that the Bonti Mud X 2.0 tires were amazing. Again, I don't just write this because I am supposed to. The proof is in the pudding: I came across the line w/ completely clean tread, i.e. they didn't pack up at all during the race giving me maximum traction the whole time.

Next will be Buck followed by a weekend of some fun along w/ Honey-Do's.


Anonymous said...

You -> Cheq100 next year.

DMC said...

U da Man,,,, that was a good show of force..

Cleaning was fun yesterday..

see ya in two weeks..

Dangerous Dave said...

Impressive power Brendan! Nice riding! Surprised the derailleur cage didn't go before the pulley teeth!

Brendan said...

The Cheq 100 is on my radar for sure given the rave reviews and a course that is marked (I don't know the trails well enough to self guide!)

I too am surprised that the bike still functioned at all. Once it got through the plastic, it actually quit ghost shifting because it was riding on the metal bearing seals! The cage was undamaged from what Tyson (@ Freewheel) and I could tell.

Charly Tri said...

It would be great to see you battle for second at next year's Cheq 100:)

It would be great to see a even deeper field next year.