Monday, May 09, 2011

Marathon number 1

I competed in my first Marathon this past weekend... a marathon cross country bike event. It was the Minnesota State Marathon championship called the Sandwich 50. Skinnyski will have my race report in Jay's mountain bike recap. I managed the win and results with pictures should be posted at the Sandwich 50 link above. Suffice it to say that I felt ok, not great at the top end but strong the whole race. I don't expect the top end to be all there yet, so I am not worried at all.
Equipment wise, I can't say enough about the new Trek Top Fuel, not because I am supposed to but because it is genuinely awesome. I rode tight, sprinty, bumpy, rooty singletrack at a reasonably hard pace for nearly 4 hours w/ no muscle pain or soreness in my back or upper body.

The rest of the weekend (the race was Sat morning) was spent at my parents estate just west of Rochester. We had a blast shooting BB guns, riding in trailers, riding bikes, having a camp fire, etc.
It was my job to aim and Tegan's job to shoot
Casey has a bit of a fat lip right now, but she is one tough little girl! Case and point, she skinned her knee, didn't make a peep until mom picked her up to inspect it. She screamed because mom was taking away from the big wheel she was attempting to ride.Next up are the first Buck Hill Thurs Night Race and the Cable Classic on Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

i hope you at least warmed up that humble pie before you gave it to them at the sandwich 50