Friday, September 30, 2011

Wrap up and for sale

The season wrapped up for me last weekend. Skinnyski has a pretty accurate report on the race except for the fact that I ran a 42x16 not a 42x18 in the SS State Championship ;-) I won the race on my cobbled to gether SS bike, which was my Top Fuel with one cog on the back, a shorter (tight) chain with the regular derrailluer, and my shifter moved away from my grip so I didn't accidentally hit it=) After the race was over, I swapped wheels and put a normal length chain on. Single speeding is novel for the once or twice a year I do it, but I prefer gears for sure.

The course was indeed very fast and honestly Scott and I were riding it as fast as our tires would let us. Every open section was pretty close to full on too. Either way, it was good to see Scott get the win. He has had a strong season.

I was planning on doing some CX and still may, but it won't be until later. This weekend I will be out at the Trek Demos Saturday and I am Jenn's mobile pit crew for the TC marathon on Sunday. I won't be around the next 3 weekends, but hope to keep the fitness reasonable over that time.

It is fall, so it is time to sell stuff. This is first on the docket:

It is a 2011 18.5" Remedy 9.7 with the following upgrades/mods: XX rear derr, XX rear shifter, XX brakes, Bontrager XR2 2.35 tires, MRP 1.x chainguide. I will include all the original chainrings and front derr, but I don't have a front shifer for it. The bike has 6" of travel with a carbon front triangle and it weighs in at 25.5 lbs without pedals. That is pretty amazing for a super capable bike. The bike has not been ridden a ton and is in almost new condition. Price is $3100.

Contact me at if you are interested.

I will be selling my race bike, or at least the frame, later this fall.

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