Friday, March 02, 2012

Still my favorite

Slickrock is still my favorite out here, as it is just the most novel and unique. The Trek Remedy rocked the downs, but sucked some serious watts on the ups. Yes, it is really that steep (those that have done it know exactly what I am talking about)... Now off to the Moab Brewery for dinner=)


DMC said...

Took my wife and sister in law there
because it was the easiest to find..
went in to the bike shop later in the day and they asked me if I wanted to get divorced.. always for get how tough slickrock is.. have fun..

Larry Sauber said...

Where is snow line? "Secret Trails" not so secret above Porcupine Rim. They disclosed the trails when people started to gravitate to Fruita. Ride the knotch and you'll outdo all of LCR and the Farm Team.

Single off Amaza Back, also Moabs attempt to recover from the Fruita exodus.

Do a Porcupine- slickrock loop... All bike/ no shuttle.

Brendan said...

Thats funny Devin!

Porcupine got 5" of white stuff go right now.

We did the Slickrock, LPS, Porcupine last year...I walked "the notch" but that doesn't mean I can't out do LCR;)

We are headed to Sovereign tomorrow. It is the best singletrack out here me thinks.

Anonymous said...

There is a "new" trail up past the Jackson Trail (the manly way :) to get to this spot is to climb Hurrah Pass and do the hike-a-bike up Jacob's Ladder. I don't recall if the trail was marked or not last year but it is really technical in spots and most of the time overlooking the Colorado River. It has become one of my favorites.


Anonymous said...

I guess I should have read your previous post to see that you found "new trail." Walking?????


Brendan said...

Sorry Scotty, when the consequence was a several hundred foot base jump with now 'chute, I walked. There were only a couple of those. I did go OTB once, but landed in some nice soft sand!

We did Sovereign Singletrack the last day and got lost ending up way North by Klondike Bluffs. A motocrosser set us straight and we stumbled home many hours later. It was a true EPIC!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you when it comes to huge gaps. I gladly get off and walk too. I was talking about doing the old race course loop where you climb - literally hike-a-bike - because you have to go up the side of a canyon to get back up to the Amasa Back/Jackson trail. Be careful out there!

Riding singletrack until it ends and then navigating my way back home is one of my favorite things to do on bike trips. I love using the sun as my compass and daylight as my time piece.


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