Thursday, April 20, 2006

Do I hear a 9r9r or a gas pump?

So, with more race bikes comes confusion, indecision and strife...I can hear all the small violins playing...should I ride the fuel or the 9r this weekend for the Platteville TT. Life is hard and important decisions like this must be made=) As of yet I am undecided. Why am I thinking about this stuff at 3pm...I guess it my minds way of telling me that I need a non-smokers 10 minute break (I figure they get 10 minutes per cigarette once per hour...for all us non-smoking fools, that is 80 minutes of break we have coming each day, right?) =)
I found this pic of a downhill course obstacle (race on Sunday)...I am a wuss and will stick to the XC!
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Ben said...

niner niner niner niner.....c'ma